Scale Fuselage

Scale Fuselages for RC Helicopters

Leisure-Tech Products offers an extensive selection of scale fuselages kits and pre-painted version. For 550, 600 & 700 size mechanics. All featuring professional fiberglass and carbon-fiber reinforced construction.

Leisure-Tech Products

Variety of Products

  • Scale F/G Fuselages for helis using 520mm to 550mm blades.
  • Scale F/G Fuselages for helis using 600mm to 610mm blades.
  • Scale F/G Fuselages for helis using 620mm to 690mm blades.

Canadian Retail Price List ......Effective: Jan 1 2020
All Prices in Canadian Dollars
US Dollar, approx. 25% less.

Scale F/G Fuselages for Helis Using 520mm to 550mm Blades

H8210Augusta 109 Unpaintedask us
H8210CGAugusta 109 Coast Guardask us
H8210BAugusta 109A - Blueask us
H8210RAugusta 109 Redask us
H8211Jet Ranger Unpaintedask us
H8211BJet Ranger Blueask us
H8211GJet Ranger Greenask us
H8211RJet Ranger Redask us
CN2035RTAMechanical retract system for the H8210TBA

Scale F/G Fuselages for helis using 600mm to 610mm blades

H8401 Augusta 109A Unpaintedask us
H8401B Augusta 109A Blueask us
H8401R Augusta 109A Redask us
H8401YAugusta 109A - Yellowask us
H8401CG Augusta 109A Coast Guardask us
H8402 Long Ranger Unpaintedask us
H8402R Long Ranger Redask us
H8402B Long Ranger Blueask us
H8403Bell 222 Unpaintedask us
H8403BBell 222 Blueask us
H8403R Bell 222 Redask us
H8403G Bell 222 Greenask us
H8404 Airwolf Unpaintedask us
H8404B Airwolf Blackask us
H8405 Jet Ranger Unpaintedask us
H8405B Jet Ranger Blueask us
H8405R Jet Ranger Redask us
H8405G Jet Ranger Greenask us
H8406 Hughes 500D - unpaintedask us
H8406AG Hughes 500D - Army Greenask us
H8406BY Hughes 500D - Blue/Yellowask us
H8406G Hughes 500D - Greenask us
H8406C Hughes 500D - Camoask us
H8407 MD 500E - unpaintedask us
H8407AG MD 500E - Army Greenask us
H8407Y MD 500E - Yellow/Breitlingask us
H8407G MD 500E - Greenask us
H8407C MD 500E - Camoask us
H8407R MD 500E - Redask us
H8407B MD 500E - Blueask us
H8408 Hughes 500MD Tow Defender Unpaintedask us
H8408AG Hughes 500MD Tow Defender Army Greenask us
H8408AD Hughes 500MD Tow Defender Army Desertask us
H8409 NH-500E - unpaintedask us
H8409C NH-500E - Camoask us
H8409AD NH-500E - Army Desertask us
H8409AG NH-500E - Army Greenask us
H8411 AS-350 - Unpaintedask us
H8411R AS-350 - Redask us
H8411B AS-350 - Blueask us
H8411SR AS-350 - TRK Redask us
H8411SB AS-350 - TRK Blueask us
H8411SG AS-350 - TRK Greenask us
H8411WC AS-350 - French Army Camoask us

Scale F/G Fuselages for helis using 620mm to 690mm blades

H8601Jet Ranger - unpaintedask us
H8601RJet Ranger - Redask us
H8601BJet Ranger - Blueask us
H8601GJet Ranger - Greenask us
H8601YJet Ranger - Yellowask us
H8602Bell 222 - unpaintedask us
H8602RBell 222 - Redask us
H8602BBell 222 - Blueask us
H8602GBell 222 - Greenask us
H8603Long Ranger - unpaintedask us
H8603RLong Ranger - Redask us
H8603BLong Ranger - Blueask us
H8603YLong Ranger - Yellowask us
H8604Augusta 109Aask us
H8604BAugusta 109A - Blueask us
H8604RAugusta 109A - Redask us
H8604Y Augusta 109A - Yellowask us
H8604CG Augusta 109A - Coast Guardask us
H8605Huges 500D - unpaintedask us
H8605RHuges 500D - Redask us
H8605GHuges 500D - Greenask us
H8605B Huges 500D - Blueask us
H8605BL Huges 500D - Blackask us
H8606Hughes 500E - Unpaintedask us
H8606S Hughes 500E - Silver/blackask us
H8606Y Hughes 500E - Yellow/Breitlingask us
H8607NH500E - Unpaintedask us
H8607ADNH500E - Army Desertask us
H8607AGNH500E - Army Greenask us